Create a tarot deck themed to the Wizard of Oz Books. In addition, create a Kickstarter project to raise the needed funds to print and distribute the cards.
The biggest challenge for this deck was separating the books from the classic movie. I grew up watching the Wonderful Wizard of Oz and know the story by heart. Unfortunately, the movie isn't in the public domain yet. The books, on the other hand, are in the public domain. For the look of the illustrations, I wanted something similar to what you would see in the original books.
I started by studying the artwork of the original illustrators, W.W. Denslow and John R. Neill. I also read several of the books within the Oz series. I do admit that I only read a select few because L. Frank Baum wrote 14 of these books himself. To expedite the learning curve, I relied heavily on Wikipedia.
The cards were hand drawn and then colorized in Photoshop. The cover of the box and the back design of the cards were done in Adobe Illustrator. The Oz logo was made so it looked exactly the same right-side up as it does upside down. 
The Kickstarter project was successful. At the time of writing this, I'm waiting for the cards to be shipped from China to myself. When they arrive to me, I'll begin the fulfillment process.

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