Create a subscription based adventure game, complete with custom packaging. Geo-Escape was a personal project of mine that never made it past the drawing board.
There was not challenge to the design. The logo was rather straightforward and done in Adobe Illustrator. The real challenge was making the game happen. I think the concept is really solid but I'm not good at solving nor creating puzzles. If I could find a partner that was good at creating puzzles, I think this game could be very successful. 
The game was designed to mail clues, puzzles and riddles for the end consumer to solve. Once solved, these clues would point to an actual location somewhere in the world. Since most people aren't going to spend thousands traveling the world to chase clues, the game was meant to be played using Google Maps and Google Street View. In short, the game mixed a Escape Room with Geocaching to create a fun interactive experience.
The logo was designed to make the letter "G" look like a lock. 
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